Salvage of Damaged assets

Assets salvage

The term "salvage" refers to seeking to avoid damage during the event in question and also to the subsequent recovery of objects undamaged or only slightly damaged.

Rapid and flexible response to the event allows greater salvage and therefore a lower indemnity from the insurance company.

We have designed personalised salvage protocols for each insurer in order to speed up the settlement of claims.

Collaboration and assistance

Our aim is to collaborate with the adjuster from the start, offering them detailed solutions for the drawing up of their report. Our work is designed to reduce the amount of the claim and to recover indemnities.

  • Drawing up of an estimate detailing all actions to be carried out. This estimate saves time and provides a guarantee of the viability of the salvage. .
  • Removal of assets to our warehouses if needed. This speeds up the resumption of the insured business until the final settlement of the claim.
  • Handling of assets: Classification of assets according to their condition, changing of packing, transfer to suitable storage and management of controlled destruction if appropriate.
  • Stock taking and drawing up of detailed lists in order to meet the adjuster's needs in the preparation of their report.
  • Recovery of equipment in collaboration with main specialist companies in the industry in order to optimise claim management.

Purchase of damaged assets

We have the capacity to acquire in various industries and offer our services as advisors for the valuation and transporting of damaged assets, even in small claims.

  • We prepare a joint action plan
  • We remove the assets affected
  • Quick valuations
  • Written offers, reports and reasoned proposals
  • Direct payment to insured or insurer

Our financial and commercial capacity allows us to acquire any type of merchandise or raw materials regardless of amount or volume.

In cases of trademark protection we offer alternative markets where the sale of the merchandise does not affect the insured's commercial network.
We guarantee exports with the relevant documentation.


Insurance Contracts Act - Ley 50/1980 8/10
Article 17, Duty of salvage .

The insured or the policyholder must use the means available to them to mitigate the consequences of the event. Failure to comply with this duty shall entitle the insurer to reduce the indemnity in the appropriate proportion, taking into account the importance of the damage deriving from the said failure and the degree of negligence on the part of the insured.

If the failure to comply with this duty occurs with the clear intention to prejudice or mislead the insurer, the latter shall be released from all obligations deriving from the insured event.

Any expenses arising out of performance of this obligation, provided they are not inappropriate or disproportionate to the salvaged property, shall be paid by the insurer up to the limit laid down in the contract, even if such expenses have not had any effect or positive result. In the absence of agreement an indemnity shall be paid for expenses which have effectively arisen. Such indemnity may not exceed the insured sum.

Insurers obliged by virtue of the contract only to indemnify a part of the damage caused by the event must reimburse the proprtional part of the salvage costs, unless the insured or the policyholder have acted in accordance with the insurer's instructions.